Journal Publication

Volume 3                                    Number 1                                  DECEMBER 2018

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Generic Strategy and Bankruptcy Risk of Nepalese Enterprises Dhundi Raj Bhattarai
 Impact of Dividend Policy on Share Price of Commercial Bank in Nepal  Raj Kumar Baral & Ajay Pradhan
Determinants of Green Brand Trust and the Mediating Role of Green Brand Satisfaction Angel Sharma & Phadindra Kumar Paudel
Collaboration for Knowledge Creation in Nepalese Hospitality Industry Pushpa Maharjan
Market timing and Debt-Equity Choice of Nepalese Firms Prem Prasad Silwal
Parental and Peer Influence on the Saving Behavior of the Youth Jeetendra Dangol & Saru Maharjan
The Specificity of Leadership Communication Shiva Raj Pantha
Determinants of Stock Price in Nepalese Market  Ramesh Raj Ghimire and Deepashree Mishra
Training Culture and Employees Performance in Nepali Banking Industry Prakash Kumar Gautam

Journal Publication

Volume 2                                    Number 1                                  DECEMBER 2017

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Service Quality Perception and Patient Satisfaction: Evidence From Private Hospitals In Kathmandu Alka Thapa & Ramesh Raj Ghimire
Strategic Positioning and Asymmetric Cost Behavior in Nepalese Enterprises Dhundi Raj Bhattarai
Investment Pattern of Financially Literate Persons In Nepal Jeetendra Dangol & Rohi Shakya
Satisfaction from Internship Program and Changing Attitude: A Perceptual Survey from Hotel Management Studentss Prakash Kumar Gautam
Managerial Views on Corporate Financing Decision Prem Prasad Silwal
Determinants of Brand choice of Two Wheelers in Kathmandu Valley Sanita Mastran
Impacts of Bonus Issue on Stock Price in Nepalese Equity Market Raju Kumar Rai and Prem Silwal
Determinants of Bank Selection Among Working People in Kathmandu Valley Siddartha Sanil & Phadindra Kumar Paudel


Volume 1                                    Number 1                                    NOVEMBER 2016