Bijay KC

Prof .Bijay KC

Nepal is currently undergoing a phase of massive changes politically, socially, culturally and
economically. With promulgation of new constitutions, the political structure in Nepal changed from
unitary to federal states with implications on our governance practices, economic system, social mores, and leadership styles. While these changes have brought with them many opportunities, they have alsoposed numerous challenges for us. How do we manage these changes? Are we matured enough tohandle these changes?

Do we have adequate financial resources? Do we have competent manpower for this? Does our mindset allow us to go ahead to face and overcome these challenges? Do we have capable managers who can handle and manage these changes? Amidst these challenges we have optimism and vigor of people.

There is sign of political stability. Leaders have expressed their commitment towards zero tolerance to corruption. What we need today are a clean and strong government, good governance, law and order, zero tolerance to corruption and good education. It is undisputable that a country’s long-term growth depends on the quality of its education.

It is apparent that in the changed context we also need to review and change our education system so that it prepares manpower that is needed by the nation. Since its inception Kathmandu University School of Management has always strived to produce manpower with leadership qualities and managerial knowledge and skills needed by the nation. As a pioneering management school, it was first to start MBA, BBA, BBIS programs in Nepal. Its graduates work for different organizations in different industries such as banks, manufacturing industries, airiness, information technology, retail and marketing, telecommunication. In recent years it has also initiated programs like rural enterprise services, social experience projects etc. to provide its students exposure to rural environments and realities at the grass root levels.

Undergraduate programs (BBA, BBIS and BHTM) at Kathmandu University are designed to prepareprofessional who are confident, knowledgeable, well-trained and skillful in performing their jobs inorganizations they work for. We believe that you as our student will always cherish the years you spendin Kathmandu University and its affiliated colleges. Wishing you all a bright future

Bijay KC
Professor and Dean
Kathmandu University School of Management