As a part of its moral responsibility, the Gurukul Education Foundation initiated the Gurukul Student of the Year Award. The Foundation awards the outstanding student for his or her success in maintaining academic excellence and displaying exemplary leadership during the entire four years in the College with the Gurukul Student of the Year Award. Further, to motivate students to accomplish outstanding results, NCM has implemented a merit-based scholarship scheme under which deserving and needy students are offered full or partial waivers in monthly tuition fee for the entire subsequent semester in accordance with the following criteria:

GPA Waiver in Tuition Fee Waiver Per Month

GPA Range Tuition Fee Waiver Per Month
3.50 to 3.74 20 percent
3.75 to 3.90 50 percent
3.91 to 3.99 75 percent
4.00 100 percent

To enhance quality education by supporting students economically, the College also offers in each batch four-year KU scholarship for two needy, deserving students selected competitively by the scholarship selection committee. The grant of the scholarship will be for full or equivalent partial waivers in tuition fees. During the period since its establishment in 1999 the College has offered scholarships amounting to Rs. 12 million.