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Faculty Profile

Prof. Nav R. Kanel, PhD


Prof. Nav R. Kanel holds a Master’s and a PhD degree in Economics from University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, Honolulu, USA, under the East-West Center Scholarship. He started teaching at the Central Department of Economics (CEDECON), Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal, since September 1979 immediately after he earned his first MA degree in Economics from TU. He worked as Professor of Economics in the Central Department of Economics until June 2017. While at CEDECON/TU, he offered classes on various subjects to graduate level students. He also served as Acting Head at CEDECON.

Besides, he was also the Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, TU; Chairman of Mid-western University Service Commission, Surkhet; and Chairman of Economics Subject Committee, then Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Government of Nepal. He had also served as an Advisor to National Planning Commission, Nepal. Also, he was an Executive Editor of The Economic Journal of Nepal, a quarterly publication of CEDECON/TU.

Professor Kanel has a long experience of doing and conducting research works. He has been Consultant and Team Leader on many research activities. He has also published many articles on economics-related topics and contemporary issues written in English and Nepali languages. Professor Kanel has some textbooks and reference books on his credit. He has also produced five PhDs (as principal supervisor) in economics awarded by Tribhuvan University. In addition, he has also supervised numerous MA and MPhil theses during his tenure at TU.

Professor Kanel has been a Visiting Professor at University for Peace, San Jose, Costa Rica and University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka. He also worked as Project Assistant and Project Fellow for the East-West Center Population Institute, Honolulu, Hawai‘i, USA. 


Mr. Jeetendra Rokaya

Master in Innovation and Management in Tourism
Food Production
Faculty/ Program Coordinator – BHTM

Mr. Prem Prasad Silwal

Senior faculty of Finance, Nepal College of Management, Kathmandu, University. M.Phil with finance specialization,Tribhuvan University.

Prior work experience: BBS program coordinator, Active Academy College, Visiting faculty at Apex College, Pokhara University, Modern Nepal College, Tribhuvan University.

Specialization: Advance Finance Theory, Theory of Finance: Evidence and Application, Asset Management, Investment decision and capital structure management.

Research Publication: Determinants of stock price in Nepal, Impacts of market timing on capital structure, determinant of debt-equity choice, Discriminant analysis for corporate debt-equity decision, Asset Liquidity and capital structure: Nepalese Evidence, Effects of corporate governance and firm performance and many more.

Books: Fundamentals of financial management and fundamentals of corporate finance (co-author)

Mr. Phadindra Kumar Paudel

Senior faculty of Accounting, Nepal college of Management, Kathmandu University. MBS with Accounting specialization, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.

Prior work experience: Golden Gate International College, Platinum Management College
Research publication: General Public Awareness in Nepalese Insurance Companies (Co author)

Books: Principles of Accounting, Financial Accounting (Co-Author)

Mr. Ramesh Raj Ghimire 

Faculty of General Management, Nepal College of Management, Kathmandu University, Master’s Degree in Management, Tribhuvan University.

Prior work experience: Visiting faculty at KIST College of Management, Thames International College, Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (Tribhuvan University)

Specialization: General Management and Project Management.

Book:  Marketing Financial Services (co-author), Sukunda Publication, Kathmandu

Ms. Sulochana Nepal

Full time faculty of English and Managerial Communication. Completed Masters in English from Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur.

Working in Nepal College of Management (Affiliated to Kathmandu University) since last three years.

Previously associated with M.V.S, KMC and IGNOU.

Published articles in several national newspapers.



Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathema


Organizational Behavior/Business Management


Mr. Akshar Nepal


Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Mr. Anup Maharjan


Front Office Operation

Mr. Anup Tuladhar


Housekeeping Operation

Mr. Ashok Karki


Managerial Accounting

Mr. Bhaskar Raj Upadhyaya

MS-Computer & Maths.


Mr. Deepak Thapa

MA – Economics, BHM

Event Management

Mr. Devendra Lal Karanjit

M. Sc. Statistics


Mr. Dhruba Adhikari

CA, MA- Economics

Management Accounting

Mr. Dhurba Pandey

Masters in French


Mr. Gyanendra Adhikari

MPhil- Economics, MA - Economics

Economic Development / Economics

Mr. Harka Bahadur Rawal


Business & Hospitality Law

Mr. K.B. Manandhar

MA in Economics, Post Graduate

Diploma in Dev. Economics

Commercial Bank Management

Mr. Om Raj Dhakal


Hospitality Facility Management

Mr. Rabindra Hyaunmika

MPhil – Tourism Management

Travel and Tourism Service Organization

Mr. Raju Baral

MPhil - English


Mr.Ram Puri

Masters in Hospitality Management

Tourism Destination Management


Mr. Rohit Raj Pandey


Management Information System

Mr. Sanjesh Shrestha

MA - Psychology


Mr. Shashi Bhusal

Masters in Statistics and Mathematics

Quantitative Techniques

Mr. Shiva Raj Panta


Business Communication

Mr. Subham Poudel

Masters in Tourism Studies

Tourism Policy, Planning and Development

Ms. Tara Dahal

MA -Sociology

Sociology, Political Science

Mr. Raju Rai

MPhil -Management, MBA

Research Methodology


Mr. Umesh Subedi


Business Law

Prof. Ratna Raj Niroula

M.Sc. Statistics

Mr. Samun Lal Shakya

MA Psychology



Mr. Prahlad Rijal




Mr. Adarsha Byanju


Ms. Sonisha Maharjan


Ms. Jyoti Luitel

BBA, NCM (Topper), KUSOM(2013-2017)

Ms. Sanjeena Bashyal

BBA, NCM, KUSOM(2013-2017)

Mr. Utsav Koirala




Message from the Chairperson

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